Monday Motivation


Monday, they say is monstrous! But you don’t want to believe that, you don’t want to dwell on that!

We have to learn to motivate ourselves internally. You don’t need anyone to motivate you! You can motivate you!

I just want to remind you that you’re great! You’re prosperous! You’re handsome! You’re beautiful! You are special!

Let me give you a little tip, I did this and I’m still doing it, it’s really working and I just felt like sharing it.

If you’re going through a hard time loving yourself or feeling great; take your phone, go to your sound recorder and record your self motivating yourself. Talk to yourself through your phone.

I’m saying this because, playing someone’s voice sometimes doesn’t work. But when you record yourself speaking to your future self, there’s a way you get freshly motivated when you listen to it.

This is an act of self-motivation that you can try out. Please do share your comments below👇

I Love You guys!🥰

The Peculiar Facts about Ladies 🤫

The Revelation of Hidden Truths

Are we often honest and trustworthy? Of course, totally! But do we tell all the truths?🙄 No!😁

This definitely does not apply to all ladies and females but it’s based on general observation.

We all know the lifestyles of men are so different from that of women. Women encounter a lot of mental and emotional challenges that sometimes, they do not want to share with anyone for the fear of being judged.

I’ve been able to pick out 3 Peculiar Facts About Ladies 🤫

1. We wish we were someone else 😃: Once upon a time, I always dreamt and imagined myself becoming a Black American, with the very dope accent and sexy body😋. Did I really have Faith in it? Hell yes!😂 But was it possible? Hell No!😭 I liked myself, but I still wished I was a better ME! That’s why you have ladies changing their complexion, having plastic surgeries etc because of this factor😃. Not our fault though, it’s kinda like our nature. Some people decide to change it, some decide to live with it, some decide to improve on it.

2. We Love Attention: Have you ever tried ignoring your girlfriend totally? Does she react well?🙄 There are two options; if she reacts well, then it’s either she doesn’t care😏 or she’s bottling up your offenses for the judgement day😂. Most ladies love when they are noticed, that’s the cause of all the decorations and all…

Little secret:🤫 “even the ladies being natural, also do that to get attention from the guys that like natural ladies”😂😂, that’s why we spend so much on beauty products for natural skin glow🥰😋. So the bottom line is; give us that attention☺️😉

3. We can Pretend😅: Ladies are the best pretenders, you need to be able to differentiate a lady that pretends to love you from a lady that truly loves you🙄. One quick tip is, ” if a lady says, “I love you Paul”, it’s a little different from “Love you”🤔🤔. When we mention the name of the guy after “I love you”, there’s a bit of depth in the message 🥺.

Ladies and guys! I wanna see your comments if you wanna add, subtract or comment on any of these facts👇

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5 Ways to Know a Failing Relationship ⚪


This is always a mystery to me, and I’m just beginning to uncover that mystery🥺. Why do relationships keep failing💔?

“Oh my God! He’s so cute! He’s my dream man! I love him so much! I can never leave him! He’s my everything!” 🤣

5 -10 months later, “😥😒💔 I’m not feeling that connection anymore! The communication is not regular! I don’t know him anymore! He feels like a stranger!😭”

My question is, “What happened?”🥺😨

So, due to my conversation with other females and my own personal experience, I’ve been able to come up with “5 Ways to know a Failing Relationship”😥

1. Social Distancing😄- This is not the Covid-19 social distancing😅, this is the moment when he is online but not chatting with you 😒, that’s how it starts. “Who the hell is he chatting with?”🤔 Imagine him saying “Goodnight” at 9pm but stays online till past 1am😠 Are you kidding me? But hey! He still texts you in the morning “Good morning my love”🙁. A woman’s brain immediately starts adding and subtracting 😂.

2. Moment of Silence 😐: I know many might relate with this. You met a guy that was so sweet😋, caring😍, funny😅, interesting 🤩, motivating🤗, in fact, all shades of awesomeness 🥰 but then after few months🙃, you guys see and can’t even make up a conversation 😒, “hello, hi, howfar, hey, ” #no reply😥… He reads and replies after 2hrs🙁 with, “hey sweetheart, how was your day?”😨 “Is he playing mind games with me?” I know that’s what a lady will think… Guys like that always act like everything is fine and normal when the girl thinks opposite 😔 Then when Ladies starts acting up, she becomes problematic and naggy😣

3. One- word Replies 😠 – This is the next stage… Here you send him an epistle and he sends “okay, nice, good, ok, cool”😒 This is the moment you can say, “Things are falling apart”😩

4. No Home-talking🚫- I know many guys tell girls bout their intentions to spend the lifetime with them, but when a guy never talks bout his family with you, never tells his family, esp the mother bout you, there’s something fishy 🤔. It’s quite normal to know your guy’s siblings, but if you know his mother well, especially through him introducing you to her; then you should have a level of confidence… However if you’re with him with over a year and he has not introduced you to any important person in his life, especially his parents, then 😥😒

5. I-Don’t-Care💔: To ladies, this is often very painful. When I feel sick and a friend doesn’t care, it doesn’t hurt as much as your partner ignoring you🥺. Imagine your partner, after getting to know that you’ve been unwell, sends you a message, “Get well soon dear” and that’s all😖… Caring means a lot to ladies, even to men though. Or it’s your birthday and he doesn’t remember, or you make a new hair and he doesn’t notice, or you’re caring lots of loads and he can’t help out… All those attitudes will make a sane lady project the kind of future she wants and decide if she’s ready to be in it with this partner.

This might not have covered most of it though and it might not be applicable to a relationships, but it covers quite a number. You can also include in the comment section 👇 the problems you’ve come across as well🤗, and don’t forget to like👍. Our next discussion will be on “The secrets ladies take to their graves”😲

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My Thoughts, My World

The power of thoughts have been underrated as we feel that what we imagine are just for entertainment and fun.

We are what we think and imagine.Our thoughts are very powerful instruments we use to either create happiness and wealth, or sickness and poverty.

If your life doesn’t look like what you’re dreaming of, it means you have thoughts which go against you. Your thoughts create your life. If you want to change your life, first change your thoughts.

Have you ever sat to imagine your life in 5-10years? If you have not, then it’s time to start. No one can think for you, it is your responsibility.

What shapes our lives is our beliefs. But how do we come across those beliefs? We hear and read things that form the line of our thoughts which later gets stored in the harddisk of our brain which begins to control our actions thereby forming our belief system.

Have you ever wandered why you were scared of the moving curtain in the middle of the night or the clothes on the hanger that have become human being? Or why you flinched when a door suddenly closes; or why you suddenly felt a presence when you saw your door opening slowly and closing at midnight?

This is because we have seen related pictures in movies, we’ve heard scary stories of ghosts and we have read books that pass related messages. It is not a folktale that what we see and hear have great impact on what we imagine.

Have you ever dreamt of a movie you watched just hours back? Have you woken up being frightened about a dream that ended badly? What do you do after that?

Indeed, you become what you think. But what if the thoughts that crosses your mind are bad and scary, what should you do? Do you fight them? Do you condemn yourself? No!

Just like a saying goes, “You don’t remove darkness by fighting it, simply switch on the light and the darkness will disappear”. So what you do when bad thoughts come is that you switch what you hear and watch because you want to change what you think which will reflect in the nature of life that you’ll live.

‘The poor becomes poorer and the rich richer’ because the rich never thinks poverty and the poor is always consumed with his present state thereby developing a poor mentality towards life.

“It is not rich man that wins, but a man with a rich vision”. You can be rich by inheritance but poor mentally. How do you know? By the quality of words the person speaks and the intentionality in his/her living.

Once you’ve learned how to become the master of your thoughts, you become the master of your life.

If checking your thoughts seems too difficult for now, you can start watching your mouth. Never let come out of your mouth something you don’t want to happen! Never wish a bad luck to anyone if you don’t want this to materialize. Watch your mouth, watch your words, watch your thougths, and become the creator of your own world!

Your life does not depend on others. It depends on your own ability to master your thoughts.

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